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Subject:Re: "Proper" way to "move" report up/down/left/right
Date:4 Oct 2017 00:29:26 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

THERE IS an offset in the report record:

type ReportPrintInfo =
		name String 	 ; run this report if not already open
		masterTable String	 ; master table name 
			queryString String	 ; run this query (actual query string) 
		restartOptions SmallInt	 ; what to do if data changes while printing
						 ; use a ReportPrintRestart constant
		printBackwards Logical ; true: Backward, False: Forward, default: False
		makeCopies Logical ; who makes copies: Paradox or the printer?
						 ; if True, Paradox makes copies
		panelOptions SmallInt ; use a ReportPrintPanel constant
			nCopies SmallInt ; number of copies, default is 1
			startPage LongInt ; starting page, default is 1
			endPage LongInt ; ending page def: ending page
		startPageNumber LongInt ; sets page number where numbering starts
		pageIncrement SmallInt ; use for multi-pass printing. Default is 1

			xOffset LongInt ; horizontal page offset
		        yOffset LongInt ; vertical page offset

	orient SmallInt ; use a ReportOrientation constant

"modridirkac" <> wrote:
>I have to print some QR codes on preprinted forms.
>So text (and picture) has to be positioned exactly.
>I can position fields on report on correct positions, I can print report
>on prerpinted forms OK (on MY printer).
>But if I print to different printer, usually text and graphic is 
>a few milimmeters off, because each printer pulls
>paper differently. 
>Is there a way to programaticly move objects on report
>few milimeters up/down, left/right?
>Some setting in INI file, that I would read before print and
>"do something" to report?
>Like smo invisible field, that would grow depending to my setings?
>Thx Jure

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