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Subject:Re: Text in a Query Table Field
Date:Fri, 10 Nov 2017 07:44:36 -0500
From:"Steven Green" <>
what's the error message? did you accidently put a comma after the 
CheckPlus? does the actual text include the quotes?


Steven Green
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"John Wright"  wrote in message news:5a044f2d$

I have a Query as below...

getCode = Query
ANSWER: :PRIV:ANSWER.DB  ;Query = GetGroupedIndInfo

:APL:IndividualStoredInfo.DB | Date and Time Stamp |
     | CheckPlus           |

:APL:IndividualStoredInfo.DB | UniqueCode                 | Description|
     | CheckPlus _join1, ~UniqRef | CheckPlus  |

:APL:IndividualStoredInfo.DB | Object Stored Field | Masonic Title |
     | CheckPlus           | CheckPlus     |

:APL:IndividualStoredInfo.DB | Surname    | C Name     | Short C Name |
     | CheckPlus  | CheckPlus  | CheckPlus    |

:APL:APLaddress.DB | UniqueCode       | Home Phone | Home Email |
   | _join1, ~UniqRef | Check      | Check      |


In the Description Field above I have the following...
NOT "REPLACE THIS WORDING or this record will get deleted when you leave
this form!"

This query has not been used for some time and I am sure it used to work
ok! The query only works now if I DON'T include the NOT and the text.

Any thoughts as to what is wrong with that text entry? 

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