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Subject:Action after csv import
Date:Tue, 14 Nov 2017 14:55:11 -0500
From:"Kevin Baker" <>
Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to determine if this is possible.  I need to import a csv file, 
which I know how to do.  Once the csv file is imported into a temp table 
(Table A), I need to transfer the records from the Table A into another 
table (Table B), however I need to match up the fields from Table A to Table 
B.  For example the first field in Table A is a Date field, which would be 
the 4th field in Table B.  I would do the copy from Table A to Table B via 

I would use enumFieldNames to get the field names from Table A, but really 
not sure how to move forward from this point.

I was hoping someone might have done this in the past or could point me in 
the right direction.


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