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Subject:Re: Box and Notebook Pages
Date:Thu, 23 Nov 2017 17:43:42 +1300
From:Bob Eccles <>
On 23/11/2017 9:37 AM, Kevin Baker wrote:
> I have a form with a NoteBook with fields.  I've got a box with more
> fields placed on top of the Notebook.  When I need to work on the field
> beneath the box, I click on the box and move it, but this causes the
> fields on the Notebook become part of the box.  Is there a way to
> prevent this from happening?
> Thanks,
> Kevin

Hi Kevin,

Fwiw, you could try putting the “moveable box” and its contents on a 
separate form, which you can call from the main form. You can then move 
it at will, or even close it (make sure there’s a button to open it again)

If the main form fills the whole screen, then setting focus on the main 
form will make the smaller form seem to disappear – it’s actually just 
gone behind the main form.. You need to have appropriate code on the 
main form to ‘bring the smaller form back’ when you need it.

Bob Eccles

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