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Subject:NET DIR
Date:Sat, 9 Dec 2017 10:02:16 +0100
From:"Ivan" <>
does somebody know a method, how to set the BDE parameter NET DIR from opal 
(or e.g. c#)?
i.e. is there for example a registry key, which can be set to do it? or 

i know, that if i would do it with opal within the app, i've to restart the 
app (this is not the problem). i only want to change the NET DIR directly 
from the pdox-app.

i'm usig an idapi32.cfg file with a path set with -o on start.
i've made a look into the idapi32.cfg. it's a readabe file, but if i change 
the NET DIR value and save it as a textfile, it's ureadable for the BDE.

any suggestions?



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