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Subject:Re: NET DIR
Date:Sat, 9 Dec 2017 09:32:14 -0500
From:"Steven Green" <>
technically, you might be able to change the registry entry using the opal 
function, but you can cause great damage to the existing net and lock files 
by breaking from them, mid-stream.. just like if your machine locked up, 
while you're in the app.. do it with different cfg files


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"Ivan"  wrote in message news:5a2ba6a3$

does somebody know a method, how to set the BDE parameter NET DIR from opal
(or e.g. c#)?
i.e. is there for example a registry key, which can be set to do it? or

i know, that if i would do it with opal within the app, i've to restart the
app (this is not the problem). i only want to change the NET DIR directly
from the pdox-app.

i'm usig an idapi32.cfg file with a path set with -o on start.
i've made a look into the idapi32.cfg. it's a readabe file, but if i change
the NET DIR value and save it as a textfile, it's ureadable for the BDE.

any suggestions?



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