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Subject:Re: NET DIR
Date:Sun, 10 Dec 2017 20:45:51 +1000
From:Leslie <"ViaThe List">
Hi Ivan,

You will have to use the BDE API to do that. You have two possibilites 
with the API:

1. Update the idapi32.cfg, or

2. open a new BDE session which allows a Net Dir to be specified as part 
of that session.

So the first thing to do is to search these groups for a post by Rodney 
Wise from about 7 years ago talking about his efforts in this area.

 From memory, there is one fundamental problem changing the default Net 
Dir location from Paradox for Windows (as opposed to say a Delphi 
application) and that is by the time you gain control the BDE has 
already opened using the default location and I think it means that any 
change you make only comes into effect the next time Paradox runs.

But like I said this is from memory about a post from Rodney who has not 
visited here for a very long time, so you need to double check.

And for the record, you are correct in that you should never simply 
update the registry as that will in all probability cause a configuation 

Finally can I ask why you need to make the change when Paradox runs, 
because you will affect all other BDE applications and potentially if 
you relocate to a folder that other applciations cannot access then they 
will all fail to start.

If you are wanting to guarantee a default location at installation time, 
then you can use our BDE installer to do this, although again I question 
why you need to do that beyond our default as it plays nicely with UAC 
for all applications.

So, what is the real issue here - perhaps you are going about this the 
wrong way?

On 10/12/2017 3:11 AM, Ivan wrote:
> thanks steven,
> i know about the problems. what i want to know is:
>    > technically, you might be able to change the registry entry using
> the opal
> i want to change the NET DIR value within an idapi32.cfg file (which is
> not set as the default BDEADMIN configuration file, but is used with the
> -o path on the start line)
> eg:
>    "...pdxrwn32.exe" -b -pC:\WHATEVER\PRIV -wC:\WHATEVER
> -oC:\INIT\idapi32.cfg C:\WHATEVER\START.FDL
> and i need to change the NET DIR within the C:\INIT\idapi32.cfg file to
> some (network) path with opal (or e.g. .NET C#, which then i can execute
> with opal).
> ivan
> "Steven Green" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> news:5a2bf3f7$
>> technically, you might be able to change the registry entry using the
>> opal function, but you can cause great damage to the existing net and
>> lock files by breaking from them, mid-stream.. just like if your
>> machine locked up, while you're in the app.. do it with different cfg
>> files
>> --
>> Steven Green
>> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
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>> "Ivan"  wrote in message news:5a2ba6a3$
>> does somebody know a method, how to set the BDE parameter NET DIR from
>> opal
>> (or e.g. c#)?
>> i.e. is there for example a registry key, which can be set to do it? or
>> whatever.
>> i know, that if i would do it with opal within the app, i've to
>> restart the
>> app (this is not the problem). i only want to change the NET DIR directly
>> from the pdox-app.
>> i'm usig an idapi32.cfg file with a path set with -o on start.
>> i've made a look into the idapi32.cfg. it's a readabe file, but if i
>> change
>> the NET DIR value and save it as a textfile, it's ureadable for the BDE.
>> any suggestions?
>> thanks
>> ivan
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