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Subject:Re: 2 Instances Of Paradox
Date:Sat, 13 Jan 2018 22:24:15 +1300
From:Bob Eccles <>
On 13/01/2018 5:47 PM, Günter wrote:
> Thats the Core of Databases:
> 2*:PRIV: 1*:WORK: (the same)
> try to open the same :WORK:xx.DB in the different instances
> Am 12.01.2018 um 19:07 schrieb Peter:
>> I have two instances of Paradox, ie, they have different private
>> directories.
>> Is it possible for one instance to open a form and/or send commands to
>> or otherwise communicate with the other instance?
>> Thank you for any help.
>> Peter

Hi Peter,

What Gunther pointed out is right – you can have 2 (or more) instances 
open at the same time, and all pointing to the same :Work: directory, as 
long as each instance has a different :Priv: directory.

But they don’t *have* to have the same :Work: directory to share a form, 
and/or tables.

If you have a form in (say) C:\Forms, both instances of PWin can open it 
at the same time, even if they have :Work: directories that are 
different from each other, and different from C:\Forms.

With both instances ‘looking at’ the same form, you can make a change in 
a table on the form in one instance, and as soon as you ‘post’ that 
record, the change will show in the other instance as well. (Note that 
you can’t both edit the same record at the same time – the first one to 
edit a record puts a ‘lock’ on it, prohibiting anyone else (the other 
instance, or someone else on the network) from editing that record until 
it is ‘posted’)

Hope this helps!

Bob Eccles

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