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Subject:Printing issue with runtime 10
Date:Fri, 26 Jan 2018 22:12:36 +0000
From:Roger Phil <>
Hoping someone can give some ideas to try on this.

Program is running on P10 runtime but one client has a problem printing 
from opal or from the File print menu same error "Lcappprint initialize 
failed". More odd because if they print a report containing just text it 
prints fine. Any reports with data fail.

There are some mentions of this error on Bertil's bug list but most seem 
to be caused by not installing in Admin, not the case in this install.

This client has the software runnng on another PC without any problem so 
I can only assume it maybe something on this particular PC that causing 
it as the installs are identical on both.

Any suggestions please.


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