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Subject:Re: No printer installed message
Date:Mon, 5 Feb 2018 11:25:47 -0500
From:"Kevin Baker" <>

It's been my experience that on a Windows 10 machine, there is no default 
printer.  Go to the control panel, then printer, right-click on the printer 
you use, select set at default.  Windows will inform you that this will 
prevent Windows from managing your printers... then launch paradox and see 
if you can print.


"Peter"  wrote in message

I don't know the answer but can you print other forms, reports etc.?
(others are likely to ask the same thing)

On 02/03/2018 10:04 PM, Linda wrote:
> Hi.
> Yesterday I could print form Paradox 11 in Windows 10 and  have worked 
> ever
> before and still on my other computers.
> Suddenly I get the error message: "No printer installed or windows cannot
> print"  when trying to print something or use printerGetCurrent() method. 
> on
> one of the pc's
> I have not made any known changes. I have tried re-install paradox 11 . I
> also tried install the runtime version with same printing problem. Still 
> the
> same message. All other programs prints OK.
> Does anybody know what ca be wrong.?
> Thanks .
> Linda

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