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Subject:Re: Need Advice on Secondary Indices
Date:Thu, 19 Apr 2018 09:46:21 +0200
From:"modridirkac" <>
Or even have two tables, one for "active" cases, one for "closed" tickets.
"Active" table should be small, adn can have more indexes than "closed" 

If you are really worried about coruption, then your forms should 
display/edit data from :PRIV: tables.

I have one biiiig table (150MB) with 90000+ records, 70 columns, used by 20+ 
users daily,
data is displayed/edited directly on the form (no :PRIV: tables).
And this table has 12 secondary indexes. 6 on single field, 6 on 2 fields.
And have "index out of date" maybe once a year.


"Peter"  je napisal v sporońćilo news:5ad7a533$ ...

I am making a kind of ticketing system. It will require several views
(setranges) such as viewing tickets assigned to certain individuals or
everybody, open/close tickets, by due date or priority and many more.

The easiest thing is to just define all the secondary indices that are
required. The problem is that I worry about corruption.

As an alternative I was thinking of having multiple tables with a few SI
each and keep them in sync. On the form the user would click the view
they want and the fields would be redefined to reflect the table with
the required SI. That sounds like a headache.

I am interested in hearing about other possibilities. Thanks.


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