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Subject:Re: Need Advice on Secondary Indices
Date:Thu, 19 Apr 2018 12:23:29 -0500
From:Mark Bannister <>
You can always use queries and temporary tables.
I've done this a couple of different ways.

1.)  Use SQL and do INSERT INTO queries.  (SQL queries are temperamental 
if you haven't worked with them before.  They have a lot of unwritten 
rules that you have to follow or they cause GPV's. )

2.) Open a new copy of the form with the correctly sorted data and close 
the old one.  You can do this with delayscreenupdates and the form will 
barely flicker.  The user will never know it's a new copy.  I would 
replace the master table instead of using a query for the master table.

A fast way to do both of these so that you do not have to copy all data 
locally is to link your temp table 1-1 with the real table in the form's 
data model.  Then in your sql query just return the key field(s) and any 
other fields you may need to get the right ordering/filtering.

On 4/18/2018 3:07 PM, Peter wrote:
> I am making a kind of ticketing system. It will require several views 
> (setranges) such as viewing tickets assigned to certain individuals or 
> everybody, open/close tickets, by due date or priority and many more.
> The easiest thing is to just define all the secondary indices that are 
> required. The problem is that I worry about corruption.
> As an alternative I was thinking of having multiple tables with a few SI 
> each and keep them in sync. On the form the user would click the view 
> they want and the fields would be redefined to reflect the table with 
> the required SI. That sounds like a headache.
> I am interested in hearing about other possibilities. Thanks.
> Peter

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