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Subject:Re: BringToFront vs Visible
Date:Wed, 25 Apr 2018 07:24:42 +1200
From:Bob Eccles <>
On 25/04/2018 3:12 AM, Kevin Baker wrote:
> I've got a box on my form that I use to display a "Wait Printing"
> message. I'm currently using visible True or False as needed.  I was
> thinking about switching to SendToBack() and BringToFront() as this
> would allow me to "bury" the box behind my other objects and allow me to
> work on the form in design mode a little easier.  Are there any issues
> with using the SendToBack/BringToFront?
> Thanks
> Kevin

Hi Kevin,

I haven’t had any problems with either method.

But one thing you have to watch out for is ‘containership’. As you move 
something between front and back, it can unexpectedly pick up other 
objects, or be picked up by them, which means you may seem to lose the 
object altogether.

I usually use ‘visible’ true/false.

If you want to hide something when you’re in ‘design’ mode, you can use 
‘send-to-back/bring-to-front’ automatically by specifying it in the 
‘open’ method.


Bob Eccles

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