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Subject:Re: For Kevin : sending email from paradox with TLS via pdoxindy
Date:Thu, 24 May 2018 08:12:17 -0400
From:"Kevin Baker" <>
Hi Côme,

Yes, all files are in the same folder (my working folder).

"Côme"  wrote in message


So you put the 3 dll in your test paradox working directory next to the
library and the form ?

Strange since it works here (see the picture attached)

I'm sorry if this is not working for you.

Le 24/05/2018 à 11:54, Kevin Baker a écrit :
> I'm sorry I didn't your emails and glad that you posted here.
> Downloaded the files, opened and saved the form and library.  I get this
> error:
> Erreur:  Impossible de charger la bibliotheque SSL
> I did a search and this has something to do with OpenSSL not being
> installed.
> I'll continue to research, but wanted to give you this feedback.
> I'm VERY EXCITED about getting this up and running.
> Thank you so much,
> Kevin 

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