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Subject:Re: For Kevin : sending email from paradox with TLS via pdoxindy
Date:Thu, 24 May 2018 16:24:33 +0200
From:=?UTF-8?B?Q8O0bWU=?= <>
Le 24/05/2018 à 16:11, Côme a écrit :
> Le 24/05/2018 à 16:02, Côme a écrit :
>> in the past I got it all the time in my previous tests with others 
>> versions of the Open SSL DLL.
> Funny thing was that it was working on the second lauch of the code and 
> I was not able to find why not on the first call.

This means that if it works for you on the second call that you could 
protect the first call in a silent try except OPAL bloc et launch it 
again. Ugly but will maybe work for now. All the subsequent call should 
work, the error was triggered just in the first call to the DLL after 
launching paradox.

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