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Subject:Re: For Kevin : sending email from paradox with TLS via pdoxindy
Date:Wed, 30 May 2018 15:52:40 +0200
From:=?UTF-8?B?Q8O0bWU=?= <>
Hi Peter

Thank you for the test. It appears all of you have received this error 
about SSL DLL not loading.

I will test on my side on different computer / OS but obviously 
something is wrong in my setup.

I've started the port of pdoxindy to Delphi Tokyo 10.2.3.

On this point I'm a bit disapointed since the exe (or dll) size created 
in this new version of Delphi  is like 10x larger than in Delphi 7... 
The current size of pdoxindy.dll is now around 3Mo ! And I cannot use 
anymore UPX to reduce the size like I did for previous versions of the 
DLL. The exe (or dll) is protected again upx compression.


Le 30/05/2018 à 04:13, Peter a écrit :
> Tested Win XP, Pdox 10, with TLS

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