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Subject:Re: For Kevin : sending email from paradox with TLS via pdoxindy
Date:Wed, 30 May 2018 16:07:18 +0200
From:=?UTF-8?B?Q8O0bWU=?= <>
This is I believe a different problem which would be tied to the 
configuration of the smtp server or the way you connect to it.

I'm not a sysadmin guys but I found many notes on this error like here :

Without TLS I use pdoxindy (version 1.2.3) in several custumer 
installations without any problem since several years now.
Well maybe I've broke something in this new version. Hard to figure out 
as long as it works for me !

Le 30/05/2018 à 04:36, Peter a écrit :
> Here is the result when not selecting TLS

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