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Subject:Re: Rick Kelly ?
Date:Wed, 6 Jun 2018 08:46:56 -0400
From:"Steven Green" <>
Kevin.. please pass all of that to me, too, and I'll make it available on my 
paradox links page


Steven Green
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Collectibles and Memorabilia
Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
- and Paradox support, too
"Rick Kelly"  wrote in message news:5b170f5e$

I uploaded everything to the link you provided me. It's everything I 
off my backup drives and is about 75% of everything I ever developed with
Paradox. One note - you will have to open the libraries and remove the 
code to fully liberate things.

Rick Kelly

"Kevin Baker" <> wrote:
>nope, still nothing
>"Rick Kelly"  wrote in message news:5b13381e$

>"Kevin Baker" <> wrote:
>>Didn't get email (also checked spam folder), sent you a link to upload
>>Thanks again,
>>"Rick Kelly"  wrote in message news:5b02c4b9$
>>Found one backup CD and sent that. More to follow when I find the second
>>Let me know if received.
>>Rick Kelly

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