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Subject:Re: Viewing PDF's
Date:18 Jun 2018 07:24:33 -0400
From:"Thies Grimm" <>

Hello Kevin,

we use directly the Windows Explorer:

execute("explorer.exe" + " /e /select, c:\\temp\\MyFile.pdf" ,yes, exeshownormal)

which is the nothing elex but double click a file in the explorer


"Kevin Baker" <> wrote:
>Am I reading the below post correctly... "The pushbutton calls the form
>the embedded PDF.  The viewer can then read, print or save the article to

>Is it possible to open a PDF File using a Paradox form?  If so How??
>"Craig"  wrote in message news:48cb86f0$
>In some software I developed which helps phsyicians write complex medication
>orders, there is the ability for the user to view pdf's of medical articles
>as evidence for the alogrithms I developed.
>In the open method of a blank form I have the following code:
>This works well. I have a button on the medication writing form Called "View
>The pushbutton calls the form with the embedded PDF. The viewer can then
>read, print  or save the article to file.
>HOWEVER, when the form is closed, instead of coming back to the calling
>form, it goes to a non paradox window such as a webbrowser or any other
>running program which may be open. This will undoubtedly confuse the user.
>I call the form with:
>If not":Coags:AntiThromboticTherapyChestPDF.Fsl", WinstyleDefault,
>0,0,15000,12000) then
>errorshow("Could not open the form.")
>   return
>Any suggestons?

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