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Subject:Re: Viewing PDF's
Date:Thu, 21 Jun 2018 22:29:01 +1000
From:Leslie <"ViaThe List">
Hi Kevin,

hopefully someone else can jump in regarding Paradox specifically, but 
from a pure container perspective you could embed an iWebBrowser 
interface and from Windows Vista onward you can embed an iFilePreview 
interface within any Window (Paradox form or otherwise).

The only issue then becomes one of bitness - if the application (ie 
paradox) is 32 bit then the PDF viewer must also be 32 bit. Same goes 
for Word and excel containers. Even Windows suffers from this issue.


On 19/06/2018 7:59 PM, Kevin Baker wrote:
> The "embedded" word in the original post is what got my attention.  I'm
> thinking there was a way to open & embed the PDF file on a Paradox form,
> not opening the external default program.
> "Kevin Baker"  wrote in message news:5b23d4e0$
> Am I reading the below post correctly... "The pushbutton calls the form
> with
> the embedded PDF.  The viewer can then read, print or save the article to
> file"
> Is it possible to open a PDF File using a Paradox form?  If so How??
> Thanks
> Kevin
> "Craig"  wrote in message news:48cb86f0$
> In some software I developed which helps phsyicians write complex
> medication
> orders, there is the ability for the user to view pdf's of medical articles
> as evidence for the alogrithms I developed.
> In the open method of a blank form I have the following code:
> folderviewer.navigate2(getAliasPath("Coags")+"/AntiThromboticTherapy.pdf")
> This works well. I have a button on the medication writing form Called
> "View
> Evidence".
> The pushbutton calls the form with the embedded PDF. The viewer can then
> read, print  or save the article to file.
> HOWEVER, when the form is closed, instead of coming back to the calling
> form, it goes to a non paradox window such as a webbrowser or any other
> running program which may be open. This will undoubtedly confuse the user.
> I call the form with:
> If not":Coags:AntiThromboticTherapyChestPDF.Fsl", WinstyleDefault,
> 0,0,15000,12000) then
> errorshow("Could not open the form.")
>   return
> F.wait()
> F.close()
> Any suggestons?
> Thanks,
> Craig

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