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Subject:Record Unlocking
Date:Thu, 21 Jun 2018 12:50:08 -0700
From:Peter <>
I have been fighting a stubborn issue of not being able to post/unlock a 
record. Finally found the problem and have been able to make a fix but 
it is clumsy and I hope someone can provide an alternative.

I have a form and several tables in the datamodel. The one table (call 
it tableA) at issue is not linked.

Several fields on the form are defined from tableA

I use a tc.dmAttach("TableA") to make changes to records as well as 
unlocking. The problem I ran into is that after unlocking the data would 
not post to the table.

I tried TableA.dmResync(tc) - did not solve the problem
I tried dmResync(TableA,tc) - did not solve the problem
I tried field.unlockRecord (using one of the defined fields)and that 
worked when that field had been changed.

I then tried field.unlockRecord() for all defined fields and that 
worked, as such:

What seems to happen is that if a defined field's value has been changed 
then it needs a distinct unlock/post record

So, is there a way to unlock all the define fields of a single table (in 
the datamodel) in one statement instead of independantly?

ps I also put a self.unLockRecord() in the :depart: method of each 
defined field and that worked also, again clumsy I think.

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