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Subject:Re: Not loading language driver
Date:27 Jun 2018 16:32:08 -0400
From:"Linda" <>

"Linda" <> wrote:
>I have a problem when starting Paradox 11.
>I get the message:
>"Could not initialize BDE: 
>Can not load language driver"
>I use server 2016 and win 10 latest update. The database and idapi.cfg and
>PDOXUSRS.NET is in the same share on the server.
>Paradox function quite ok on one of the client PC's (with the same user
>in), but not on the other pc connected in the same way to the server.
>I have reinstalled paradox without getting better.
>Has anybody any idea where I have to look for errors?

It is also not possible to start the bdeAdmin:
Get the message:
Exceptin EDBEngineError in module bdeAdmin.exe at 00054F92.
An error occured while attempting to initialize the Borlanf Database Engine
(error$3E06) .
Changing the user to admin do not help. The same error occur also whn I log
on with a local user account on the PC

After a restart the other pc starts to behave in the same way :(
but on the server 2016 Paradox work OK


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