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Subject:Re: Not loading language driver
Date:27 Jun 2018 18:49:29 -0400
From:"Linda" <>

"modridirkac" <> wrote:
>Are BDE files in c:\program files\... or on network drive?
>Did you try  to reinstall BDE?
>Can you run any other EXE on network drive (from workstation)?
>"Linda"  je napisal v sporočilo ...
>I have a problem when starting Paradox 11.
>I get the message:
>"Could not initialize BDE:
>Can not load language driver"
>I use server 2016 and win 10 latest update. The database and idapi.cfg and
>PDOXUSRS.NET is in the same share on the server.
>Paradox function quite ok on one of the client PC's (with the same user

>in), but not on the other pc connected in the same way to the server.
>I have reinstalled paradox without getting better.
>Has anybody any idea where I have to look for errors?

The files are on a network drive. Only the bde is on tge program drive.I
have reinstalled Paradox several times. Other exe files works as before.
After different tries this message sometimes disappear, but insted some tables
opens, but others will not open because of "internal error".  It must have
someting to do with access or permitions, but I have given full rights and
disabled firewall

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