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Subject:Re: Not loading language driver
Date:Thu, 28 Jun 2018 16:30:55 +1000
From:Leslie <"ViaThe List">
First thing to know is that the idapi.cfg was never designed to be 
shared across a mapped drive (Terminal Server is a different situation).

Secondly, the BDE installer that came with Paradox is too problematic to 
use out of the box because it is for a pre-Windows Vista world and 
requires extra configuration to ensure the permissions are correct.

So try the installer located here:

and if you insist on sharing the idapi.cfg (please don't) then you can 
update the installer's defaults.


On 28/06/2018 8:49 AM, Linda wrote:
> "modridirkac" <> wrote:
>> Are BDE files in c:\program files\... or on network drive?
>> Did you try  to reinstall BDE?
>> Can you run any other EXE on network drive (from workstation)?
>> "Linda"  je napisal v sporočilo ...
>> Hi.
>> I have a problem when starting Paradox 11.
>> I get the message:
>> "Could not initialize BDE:
>> Can not load language driver"
>> I use server 2016 and win 10 latest update. The database and idapi.cfg and
>> PDOXUSRS.NET is in the same share on the server.
>> Paradox function quite ok on one of the client PC's (with the same user
>> logged
>> in), but not on the other pc connected in the same way to the server.
>> I have reinstalled paradox without getting better.
>> Has anybody any idea where I have to look for errors?
>> Linda
> Hi.
> The files are on a network drive. Only the bde is on tge program drive.I
> have reinstalled Paradox several times. Other exe files works as before.
> After different tries this message sometimes disappear, but insted some tables
> opens, but others will not open because of "internal error".  It must have
> someting to do with access or permitions, but I have given full rights and
> disabled firewall

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