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Subject:Cut and Paste - Table into Excel -
Date:Sun, 29 Jul 2018 18:04:30 +1000
From:Robert MacMillan <>
The reason for asking this question is that I am moving data from a 
Paradox Table into a very complicated Excel Spreadsheet. And Vladimirs 
Excel Library with some extensions does it well but with some 
performance issues.

I need to improve the performance and the Excel Sheet has a couple of 

1. It recalculates every time something is added. So recalc is now off 
and I have added to Vladimirs Library with a recalulate function and 
then trigger that at the end of the load. So that works really well.

2. There is also a huge amount of formatting in this sheet as in colours 
in cells and so on. And every time I transfer an item the spreadsheet 
redoes all the formatting which is a PITA.

Interactively I can open the underlying table. Select the first field, 
then the number of fields I want, not the total table, 
<ctrl><Shift><Down arrow> which gets the data I want, <ctrl c> for copy,

move to the spreadsheet, <ctrl v> and all the information gets pasted in 
one go.

How can I do that in code?



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