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Subject:Re: Cut and Paste - Table into Excel -
Date:Tue, 31 Jul 2018 15:38:01 +1000
From:Robert MacMillan <>
Hello all.

still no success in Pasting into excel. Got the information onto the 
clipboard but just can not get the paste function at the Excel End to 
fire and read the information from the Clipboard.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions on the right OLE Code to do this.


On 29/07/2018 6:04 PM, Robert MacMillan wrote:
> The reason for asking this question is that I am moving data from a
> Paradox Table into a very complicated Excel Spreadsheet. And Vladimirs
> Excel Library with some extensions does it well but with some
> performance issues.
> I need to improve the performance and the Excel Sheet has a couple of
> problems.
> 1. It recalculates every time something is added. So recalc is now off
> and I have added to Vladimirs Library with a recalulate function and
> then trigger that at the end of the load. So that works really well.
> 2. There is also a huge amount of formatting in this sheet as in colours
> in cells and so on. And every time I transfer an item the spreadsheet
> redoes all the formatting which is a PITA.
> Interactively I can open the underlying table. Select the first field,
> then the number of fields I want, not the total table,
> <ctrl><Shift><Down arrow> which gets the data I want, <ctrl c>
for copy,
> move to the spreadsheet, <ctrl v> and all the information gets pasted in
> one go.
> How can I do that in code?
> Thanks
> Robert

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