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Subject:Re: Synchronizing priv tbls with master tbl
Date:Wed, 1 Aug 2018 12:58:47 -0700
From:Peter <>
I tested both ways, table and form.

Displayed just a table on 3 machines (tried edit/view modes)
Alternated between machines changing a single field on the first record

At first the other 2 machines would not show any changes (no matter 
which mach initiated the change) even when I moved down/up pgdn/pgup.
Then I found that if I took focus off Pdox ([alt][tab]) and then came 
back the field would update.
Then it would start working on one machine but not vice versa
Eventually I got them all to work without moving off record

Then I tried the form method
*target table is only one in data model
*tableframe displayed (6 rows)
*only code is in record:action (also tried tbf:action)
If = DataRefresh OR = DataRefreshOutside then

Like the tableview method above, it would eventually work after I 
massaged it but ONLY when the table was also opened on each machine.

Closing the table yielded iffy results
*Using the displayed tbf
*Making the change on the first record
*6 rows on the tbf

First attempt:
If I scrolled down to record #7 it would refresh

Second attempt:
  * would not refresh when I got to record #7
  * would refresh when I got to record #15

Third attempt:
  * would not refresh on record #7
  * would not refresh on record #15
  * would refresh when I reached the bottom of the table

Fourth attempt:
  * no refresh no matter what I tried, not even swearing

Nothing else that I can think of doing.

On 08/01/2018 11:03 AM, Mark Bannister wrote:
> Just another thought are you making sure to issue the UnlockRecord after 
> your changes?  Are you making changes on a form or just a tableview?
> On 7/31/2018 8:31 PM, Peter wrote:
>> Well, sporadic at best.
>> I've spent days on this problem, time to move on.
>> I ended up creating a 3 second timer that issues a DataLockRecord and 
>> immediately DataUnLockRecord. This updates the field on the other 
>> machines instantly. I will add a setTimer(3000) on the records' arrive 
>> event, maybe the form's mouseclick?
>> Thanks for chipping in the ideas guys.
>> Peter
>> On 07/31/2018 01:19 PM, Peter wrote:
>>> Thanks for the tip. I do perform a lock/unlock but does not have the 
>>> desired effect.
>>> I was under the impression that the basic function was when a user 
>>> has the same form open and makes a change to a table (that is in the 
>>> data model) that the other user would receive a "DataRefreshOutside" 
>>> and the field being displayed would be updated automatically.
>>> I need a trigger on the form when another user makes a change to a 
>>> field.
>>> Peter
>>> On 07/31/2018 04:46 AM, Steven Green wrote:
>>>> you can specify the cfg file to use, on the command line
>>>> you should specifically try to lock a record in a multi-user 
>>>> environment.. you should specifically try to post a changed record 
>>>> in a multi-user environment
>>>> -- 
>>>> Steven Green
>>>> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
>>>> Collectibles and Memorabilia
>>>> Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
>>>> - and Paradox support, too
>>>> "Peter"  wrote in message news:5b5fbc73$
>>>> Did some more research. I found that one of the machines is using
>>>> IDAPI.cfg and the other 2 are using IDAPI32.cfg.
>>>> Can someone tell me how to force Pdox to use IDAPI32.cfg because when I
>>>> eleiminate the IDAPI.cfg it just makes a new one. Thank you.
>>>> Peter
>>>> Update:
>>>> Registry:
>>>> Local_Machine\Software\Borland\Database Engine\CONFIGFILE01 (changed
>>>> from IDAPI.cfg to IDAPI32.cfg).
>>>> That seems to have done it, now all 3 machines are running idapi32.
>>>> Unfortunately it has not amde a difference :(
>>>> Peter
>>>> On 07/30/2018 11:15 AM, Peter wrote:
>>>>> Thanks for the feedback everyone.
>>>>> I built the server and got it to be the master browser, tested, 
>>>>> same inconsistent results. Now I am completely flummoxed.
>>>>> It seems to me in a multi-user environment that if user_1 is 
>>>>> viewing a table and user_2 changes a field that user_1 should see 
>>>>> the field contents updated within the set refresh rate. I thought 
>>>>> this would apply equally whether viewing a table displayed or via 
>>>>> form.
>>>>> Barring any other ideas I guess I'll have to come up with a 
>>>>> different strategy for syncing.
>>>>> Peter
>>>>> On 07/28/2018 06:31 AM, Steven Green wrote:
>>>>>> 1) always have a dedicated server, if possible.. a shared server 
>>>>>> is using half the cycles to be a server, half the cycles to be a 
>>>>>> workstation.. and if you lock up or crash the "workstation", 
>>>>>> you've crashed your server
>>>>>> 2) in your example / test, you are depending on paradox to control

>>>>>> and protect a multi-user app.. up to a point, it does.. but if 
>>>>>> your app posts, locks, error traps, etc., then YOU control it
>>>>>> -- 
>>>>>> Steven Green
>>>>>> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
>>>>>> Collectibles and Memorabilia
>>>>>> Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
>>>>>> - and Paradox support, too
>>>>>> "Peter"  wrote in message news:5b5b75a3$
>>>>>> I checked all the machines, 1 of the workstations had Enable Offline
>>>>>> Files checked so I unchecked it.
>>>>>> I make the change in a field and simply move to the next record (no
>>>>>> code). I do this on the table, I also tried it on a test form.
>>>>>> I also checked the "Folder Options" in W-Explorer and made sure the
>>>>>> following were checked on all 3 machines
>>>>>> Automatically search for network folders and printers
>>>>>> Use simple file sharing
>>>>>> I've spent over 10hrs chasing this demon and am thinking the best 
>>>>>> thing
>>>>>> is to build a dedicated server.
>>>>>> On 07/27/2018 07:05 AM, modridirkac wrote:
>>>>>>> You do PostRecord and/or UnlockRecord after changing field, do

>>>>>>> you (or just move to next line)?
>>>>>>> You have checked "No files or progarms from the shared folder are

>>>>>>> available offline" in folder's sharing properties on "server"?
>>>>>>> Jure

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