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Subject:Re: Prevent Mouseclick
Date:Thu, 2 Aug 2018 11:02:11 +0100
From:Roger Phil <>
Roger Phil wrote:

Peter & Bob I had tried  isedit, disable...etc in/and around the list & 
field but it never stopped the actual dropdown being clicked

Jure had the perfect & of course the most overlooked way, check at form 
level. Why do we forget these things & make life more difficult.

many thanks indeed

> Hi
> Aging memory doesn't bide well in this field or perhaps I've never been
> asked for this before.
> Would anyone know if there is a means of preventing a mouseclick on the
> dropdown arrow for list in a combo box ?
> Why? The form does not enter edit until a pushbtton is pressed but the
> arrow on a drop box still "drops down". Whilst it the list cannot
> perform its desired action it seems some users select the item and then
> exit the form thinking the selection is complete.
> Hope that makes some sense.
> No prizes, but thanks in advance


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