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Subject:Re: PopUpMenu exceeds the limit
Date:Thu, 9 Aug 2018 09:00:16 +0200
From:"modridirkac" <>
I'm using 2 ways of defining content of popup menus.

First is to read list of values from INI file, then build popup, user picks 
some value, then I read from INI, vhat to do after choosing that value
INI looks like
Customers form=List all customers,Do something,Do another thing,*CRM
*CRM=Task 1, Task 2

[Actions call]
List all customers=library,:CRM:act,LIST,:CRM:list.rsl
Do something=library,:CRM:act,SOME METHOD,
Do another thing=library,:CRM:act,ANOTHER METHOD,
Task 1=library,:CRM:crm,TASK 1,:CRM:task1.rsl
Task 2=library,:CRM:crm,TASK 2,:CRM:task2.rsl
;name={library,script,form},name of library-script-form,vhich method to call 
in that library,which report to print at the end

And if I am standing on form "Customers", and uses clicks Actions button,
I read from INI list of actions for this form (*CRM means SubMenu), her user 
ant then call library or script or another form.

Second way of using PopUp in on some fields as "lookup" function.
But only for fields I know, have not more than 100 different options.
User enter something in filed and presses CTRL+space.
I read, what user entered in field, run a query ..value.. on lookup table, 
put list of options in popup and display.


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