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Subject:Re: Script to Script
Date:Sat, 12 Jan 2019 16:13:32 +1100
From:Robert MacMillan <>
Hello Peter.

I am slightly confused about exactly what you mean. Do you mean that you 
are using a script in the command line when you open Paradox? So is what 
you are wanting to do being open two or more versions of Paradox and set 
different private directories but use same script file, referenced in 
the command line and working from the same working directory?

In that case the answer is yes because I do it every day with one little 
dont know being I dont change aliases in my script. But I do open 
various forms and set up the display exactly as I want it.



On 12/01/2019 7:25 AM, Peter wrote:
> I have an existing script (#1) that opens Pdox and sets up alias' etc.
> I have another script (#2)that needs the same setup. Wishing to observe
> the golden rule of not duplicating code, can script #2 fire script #1?
> Thank you.
> Peter

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