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Subject:Re: Fitler TableFrame Records
Date:Mon, 9 Mar 2020 10:14:56 -0800
From:Peter <>
For changevalue, did yoou try prefacing with a doddefault?

On 3/9/2020 3:26 AM, Kevin Baker wrote:
> I've attached all the files used in this demo in case someone else could 
> benefit.
> I could never get the changeValue on the Customer No field to cause the 
> tableframe to update, so I moved the code to the actions method on the 
> customer no field.
> When the user clicks the ship date column (in red) on the tableframe, 
> the tf is then sorted in the reverse order (if AZ will sort ZA).  I 
> store their preference in the csset.ini file.
> For some reason the focus moves to the tf after clicking the ship date 
> column, when I need the focus to be back to the customer no field 
> (called fldCustomer_No on the form).
> If anyone sees anything I forgot or any pitfalls let me know. I'm going 
> to begin moving this method over to my production form this week.
> Takes again to Tom and Peter who helped me with this simple demo.
> Kevin

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