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Subject:Re: Win 10 64Bit P9 .hlp
Date:Fri, 13 Mar 2020 17:27:22 -0700
From:Jim Short <>
Thanks Mark,
Finally put P9 on a win10 64 computer. Thank Leslie for the 
BDE installer!

On 3/13/2020 11:55 AM, Mark Bannister wrote:
> You can convert them using a free software program.  I did the localsql
> help file (although I messed it up and some of the links don't work).  I
> forget which program I used but it was one I found on line.
> Search for connverting .hlp to .chm
> On 3/13/2020 9:40 AM, Jim Short wrote:
>> Please, may someone point me at the final solution to help files in win 10.
>> Thank,
>> Jim

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