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Subject:WIN10 GPFs not on WIN7 - MORE
Date:8 Jun 2020 09:53:05 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

Follow up.
I converted the first problem to localSQL. Works.
I converted the second problem to localSQL. Works.

I converted the third problem to localSQL. With this one, I took the control
that was on the form and recreated the function completely. It now handles
a single value call and a table list call. All localSQL.
Built on my win10 development machine. Works great. Removed the problem control
from the original form. Compiled the needed forms and libs.

Moved to production (Win7). Seems to work, then started getting new errors,
odd ones. Like table not found, fail to open tcursor, etc. All over. When
this happened I tried to browse and open a table via alias. The alias was
seen and the table was seen, but on click to open, table not found.
It seemed the table or file handles was used up? Something like that. I adjusted
the DBE to max settings on this (Win7) machine.
Now worked as planned. I will post another thread on BDE settings.

Does anyone know if there there is a difference in using aliases in the table
names vs not using aliases in localSQL?
I open the DB to the alias but was still using alias names, I removed the
alias names if the table was in the DB I opened.

The problem -
Moved that Win7 code (the whole app) to the new Win10 machine.
The new form that replaces the the control opens and works as planned. The
new form is called from a button - the old control and all its parts are

When the new form closes and focus goes back to the main form it GPFs but
does not close (usually). If I move that button around it seems OK, except
when you move to the tab on the notebook object the original control was

I am sort of disbelief. 

Move the Win10 machine code to my Win10 DEV machine. It now GPFs. What? 

My conclusion is that the move (compile) in Win7 causes something to fail
when in Win10.

Considering options:

Going to recompile everything and re-test.

Remake that entire form making each tab a separate form (a lot of work) and
might fail.

Any thoughts on moving to latest Paradox (I am on 10 with patches). I know
no new functions, but the 64bit might help.

Lastly, sigh, Visual Studio Community and my SQL. 

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