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Subject:Re: is a Crosstab query possible?
Date:Mon, 15 Jun 2020 11:15:23 +0200
From:Anders Jonsson <>

> But surely ObjectPAL does CROSSTAB (like pdoxDOS did)?

It does but not as easily as in DOS!

It was a long time since I did this but if I remember correctly you need 
to first create a Crosstab in a a form and then you can use the 
AcctionDataCommand DataSaveCrosstab for the uibojcet which will create a 

I used something like this:

Open a hidden form with the crosstab

Issue uiCrossTab.action(DataSaveCrosstab)

Close the hidden form

Work with the Crosstab table.

There are probably a better way but that was how I solved it a long time 

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