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Subject:Re: Paradox 7 fault
Date:Tue, 15 Sep 2020 15:09:07 +1000
From:Tom Krieg <>
The extended support will end next year. It's available for business 
users to manage their upgrades to Win10.

I've upgraded 2 computers from Win7 to  Win10 for no cost (free) and 
I've made 2 discoveries -

Don't upgrade Win7 Home, you DON'T want Win10 Home. Buy Win10 Pro or buy 
a Win7 Pro license key.

Microsoft no longer has a link to download an iso for any version other 
than 2004. 2004 still has a LOT of issues and I don't recommend using it.

Wait until 2004 stabilises and a few more patches are released before 
upgrading Win7. Or you can go to and download the 
Windows/office downloader (portable app). Run the downloader and 
download the .iso for 1909 (home/pro 32/64 bit). Create a full image 
copy of your system before the update. Once downloaded mount the .iso 
(by double click) and run the setup.exe.

On 15/09/2020 1:29 pm, Leslie wrote:
> Windows 7 is still safe if you purchase the Extended Support package 
> which I would recommend to the clients (although upgrading to Windows 10 
> is still free if you know what you are doing)

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