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Subject:Re: Paradox 7 fault
Date:Tue, 15 Sep 2020 18:17:35 +1000
From:Tom Krieg <>
That's the link.

I downloaded and installed W10 1909 but the target machine was a Win7 
Home machine. This caused major issues when I tried to set up Group 
Policy for Windows Update (Notify when updates are available but don't 
download them) and TargetReleaseVersion, both of which are used to 
control updates and install them when you want them (i.e. after the beta 
testing sheep have worked out all the bugs and they've been fixed.

Easiest solution was to buy a genuine Win10 Pro license for $35.00 AUD.

MS stopped the free upgrade more than 4 years ago and a Win10 Pro retail 
copy sells here for $399. But I love how the MS website still gives 
instructions on upgrading and how the License Server STILL uses the old 
Win7 license to issue a digital license for Win10. And how you can just 
enter a Win10 Pro OEM license key against Win10 Home and it will go get 
the Pro stuff and upgrade your machine to Pro. But  you have to set all 
the home "Update" settings to defer updates otherwise you'll and up with 
2004 pro with the latest (bug-ridden) patches. Can't print anymore, anyone?

MS is really, really desperate to move everyone to Win10. But after 
holding out for so long, I've decided I really quite like it. And it's 
the only game in town for Visual Studio with Win GUI and NET 5.

On 15/09/2020 4:33 pm, Leslie wrote:
> Here you go Tom:
> I recommend this tool to get the official ISOs and there are some other 
> gooides as well

> Hope this is useful

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