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Subject:Re: Error message
Date:24 Sep 2020 13:28:08 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

Is it the same PC / laptop?

Close paradox, even reboot machine.

Look for any files:
PDX_EN_*.cfg on the hard drive, likely on the C: drive.

Delete then.

You might find:
pdx_en_run_bars.cfg, pdx_en_run_sbar.cfg, pdx_en_full_bars.cfg, pdx_en_full_sbar.cfg

You may have to look in each users profile, the hidden appdata folder

C:\Users\USER\AppData\ and below

"Linda" <> wrote:
>I have problems getting the message "an attempt was made to access an unnamed
>file past its end" every time I open Paradox on all the pc's on the network
>and also on network not connected to this network. (I Use Windows server
>2019 and win 10, but it has appeared also in earlier version, but disappeard
>after new install of Paradox, but not now).

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