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Subject:Re: Missing header on report
Date:Fri, 9 Oct 2020 15:23:48 +0100
From:Roger Phil <>
Yep Steve I agree it's not the been using the First summary 
since 1995 but after trying to figure it out for two days, low & behold 
today I turn on and both reports are now working as they should.
Some mysteries cannot be explained !

Thanks guys, keep well.

> Hi
> Wonder if anyone can throw a light on this behaviour, I seem to remember
> from many years ago having the same thing & not sure I ever solved it.
> Two reports reading with same DM & reading from the same tables.
> Both have the band properties the same, page band print on 1st page etc,
> yet
> Report Doesn't print contents of the box First p1 Name
> Report 2 does.
> See attached pdf.


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