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Subject:Re: JSON example
Date:Tue, 20 Oct 2020 11:41:13 -0400
From:Kevin Baker <>
Getting an error:
Could Not open Handle to the page requested. Error = 12045

Anyone have any ideals?  Why above my head.


On 12/24/2016 3:54 AM, Tom Krieg wrote:
> Absolutely. You use the WININET API to push the URL to the Internet and 
> get a response back, which you parse. The Google Maps API gives back a 
> JSON response and it's easy to break it apart in Paradox. But Jan 
> Maryaysell's dll to put a browser in a Paradox form gives you granular 
> control, so you can just display a Google map as a jpeg, and the user 
> can't do anything else in the browser at all. But using the WININET API 
> bypasses the browser completely. I did some searching and found my 
> Google Maps library, attached. (No Google maps key is required if doing 
> less than 1500 requests a day).
> Look at the method HTTPGetResponse
> If anyone finds this useful, feel free to use it. I currently use .NET 
> and Bing Maps to do similar (with much more functionality) and I'm 
> converting everything to PostgreSQL GIS and OpenStreetMaps in 2017. No 
> limitations.
> On 24/12/2016 7:04 PM, Kevin Baker wrote:
>> Tom-
>> Thanks for the reply and hopefully Larry has the example and library.  I
>> am running this on my server, which I have just about everyway the user
>> could open a web browser turn off.  Would the WININET API still work
>> without opening a browser?

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