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Subject:Re: Get the current Form viewed Record No.
Date:29 Oct 2020 09:23:13 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

Do you mean the physical record number in the paradox table?

That is not a static value in Paradox tables.

If you filter or sort or link, the record number can change.

Is your table keyed?
If keyed, I would capture the key values or the form record and then search
on the key values in the table.

John Wright <> wrote:
>It is some time since I done anything new on Paradox and I have been 
>trying to obtain the current Form viewed Record Number to use it to 
>output a Report (using a button on the Form) on that particular record 
>by capturing the record number and reusing it to do the detail search on

>the table. I have tried a number of ways without success. I want to use

>the record No. because many (example) names are similar defined by other

>entries so it is not to select by visible details on that record.
>Can someone offer me a simple method to do that and capture it for use 

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