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Subject:Re: Get the current Form viewed Record No.
Date:Thu, 29 Oct 2020 15:14:41 +0000
From:John Wright <>
Hi Kevin,
Thanks for that... yes it is the physical record number I wanted to use 
and yes, the table is keyed. I didn't realise that the record numbers 
could change under  certain circumstances but really  it is a current 
table number that is relevant as the consequential report would run 
straight away so it would not matter that the Table Number had changed.

I just thought it would be more simple to just use the table number 
rather than needing to capture the key values! What is the best way then 
to capture the key values from the record in view please?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

On 29/10/2020 13:23, Kevin Zawicki wrote:
> Do you mean the physical record number in the paradox table?
> That is not a static value in Paradox tables.
> If you filter or sort or link, the record number can change.
> Is your table keyed?
> If keyed, I would capture the key values or the form record and then search
> on the key values in the table.
> John Wright <> wrote:
>> It is some time since I done anything new on Paradox and I have been
>> trying to obtain the current Form viewed Record Number to use it to
>> output a Report (using a button on the Form) on that particular record
>> by capturing the record number and reusing it to do the detail search on
>> the table. I have tried a number of ways without success. I want to use
>> the record No. because many (example) names are similar defined by other
>> entries so it is not to select by visible details on that record.
>> Can someone offer me a simple method to do that and capture it for use
>> please?

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