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Subject:Locate Issue
Date:1 Dec 2020 14:50:32 -0400
From:"Steve Levet" <>

I have a table with numeric tracking for orders. The Ordernum field is N and
is the primary key. When orders are released which are not complete any backordered
items are copied to a new record and the Ordernum is incremented by 0.1.
As an example I have an Ordernum of 194314.0, 194314.1, 194314.2, 194314.3
and 194314.4. When I click locate and enter the .0, .1 or .2 number the record
is found. However, any number above .2, eg 194314.3 or 194314.4 cannot be
found unless I select advanced pattern match. Any idea on why and how this
can be corrected so that I can find the Ordernums above .2?



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