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Subject:Re: Chimney Sweep replacement - !
Date:4 Dec 2020 16:24:08 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

I have 6.0 and IT DOES seem to run.

Sundial website states: (I misinterpreted it)

Please Note: End-Of-Life Announcement
It is with great regret that we announce that ChimneySweep® 6.0 will be the
final viable release of this system, and we plan no further development.

The product is 32-bit, as are all of the vendor-supplied core libraries (BDE™/IDAPI32™)
upon which it fundamentally depends. (16-bit support was abandoned with Release
5.) Present and/or future versions of Windows® may not run such software.
Furthermore, recent technical changes to the Windows-10 operating system
appear to invalidate several principles of the underlying software foundations.

Therefore, it is now possible that both ChimneySweep and Paradox®/BDE will
no longer run. It is also possible – this has been seen on the most-recent
update to Windows 10 – that ChimneySweep will make changes to the table files,
seeing no indication from Windows that anything went wrong, but the table
files will not change ... or, will change for some users but not others.

All of these matters are beyond our control, and the software's. Since none
of these core vendor technologies have been released as "open-source" by
the apparently now-defunct business entities (Borland, Corel) that were once
responsible for them, nor by their successors, we perceive for them no viable
future, and we are afforded no opportunities to intervene.

So be it. May they Rest In Peace.™

"Richard" <> wrote:
>Steven Green wrote:
>> haven't really touched Chimney Sweep much, for a few years.. didn't
>> know it doesn't work on Win10.. just another brick in the wall :-)
>> I'm generically against relying on automated repair processes, cuz if
>> the table fails it takes a human eye to see it.. and no matter how
>> you deal with it, step one is to get every paradox login closed..
>> sometimes easier said than done
>I've got Chimney Sweep 5.1 and it runs fine on win 10 (32 bit)

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