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Subject:print memo field > truncated
Date:Thu, 14 Jan 2021 09:40:22 +0100
From:Ruggero Capra <>
Good day everyone. I am submitting a problem related to printing a memo 
field with formatting. When the number of characters exceeds 75.000, 
printing with the rep.print (rpi) function causes the 4th page to be 
truncated and then an error mask (unexpected general protection 
violation) appears. After closing the error mask, printing resumes for a 
few pages to finally get to the application block.
If printing is done interactively by calling the (...) command, 
there is no problem.
The operating system is Windows 10, the Paradox version is 
Changing printer drivers or switching printers does not solve the problem.
Thank you for the advice you can give me.

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