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Subject:Re: importspreadsheet and XLSX
Date:12 Apr 2021 00:36:22 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

Your best approach might be vladimir excel library.
I have used it and expanded it a little.

It can be slower than import and you are basically opening excel and reading
cell by cell.
you read first row, then make a table from there, but data types can be tricky.
If you know the layout it is easy, but if you do not, you might be forced
to make all fields A255 and bring in the data as strings.
You also have to watch reading in the cell value vs the cell text.

modridirkac <> wrote:
>Does anybody have a procedure for importing xlsX files, similar to  
>Perhaps using vladimir excel library?
>I would like to import generis xlsx files, not knowing column names (and
>types) in advance.
>So that method would create table, columne names and types and import data
>form excal.
>Thx, Jure

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