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Subject:Re: importspreadsheet and XLSX
Date:13 Apr 2021 11:46:02 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

Copy every column via Clipboard and Textstream into
a textfile named col01, col02, .. 

yes, probably faster?

does it selected all rows of the column?

I also create excel sheets a lot, maybe I can past in whole columns?

can you post the code?

"Thies Grimm" <> wrote:
>I open via OLE Excel and Copy every column via Clipboard and Textstream
>a textfile named col01, col02, .. 
>If I know the tablestructur I Open a Tcursor and a bunch of textstreams
>do the import record by record.
>Works fine - independant of the excelfiletype xls or xlsx.
>You might just import the columns you want.
>But you need excel ... 
>"Kevin Zawicki" <> wrote:
>>Your best approach might be vladimir excel library.
>>I have used it and expanded it a little.
>>It can be slower than import and you are basically opening excel and reading
>>cell by cell.
>>you read first row, then make a table from there, but data types can be
>>If you know the layout it is easy, but if you do not, you might be forced
>>to make all fields A255 and bring in the data as strings.
>>You also have to watch reading in the cell value vs the cell text.
>>modridirkac <> wrote:
>>>Does anybody have a procedure for importing xlsX files, similar to  
>>>Perhaps using vladimir excel library?
>>>I would like to import generis xlsx files, not knowing column names (and
>>>types) in advance.
>>>So that method would create table, columne names and types and import
>>>form excal.
>>>Thx, Jure

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