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Subject:Re: OCR
Date:12 Nov 2021 10:21:42 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

Paradox does support TWAIN, but I have found moving this to outside tools
better and more flexible.

Look at this:

NAPS2 is free and I have been able to build a paradox library that activates
the scanner (from a form button, example) and saves as PDF to a folder.

I then control viewing using any pdf viewer.

You set up a profile in NAPS, can configure it, then use it in Paradox.

I tend to not store images, pdfs, etc. in Paradox tables. I store them externally.

Peter <> wrote:
>I am trying to figure out if it is possible to use Paradox to make a 
>receipt storing program (for myself) that includes the image and 
>utilizes OCR to capture the receipt information.
>I have a Fujitsu ix500 (incredible machine) and it has an app called 
>ScanReceipt. Basically you load up all your recipts and it scans/OCR's 
>each receipt and imports to a database.It uses AbbyFineReader for OCR.
>When you are on a record, it has the OCR'd info and displays the image.

>At that point you can edit the record to correct wrong data.
>The problem with it is that you cannot add tags for searching, and 
>editing is annoyingly slow.
>It does have an export to csv function which I tried and successfully 
>imported to Pdox but then I have to match up the image etc.
>What I would like to do within Pdox is:
>1) scan the image and use OCR to capture data
>2) display the record & the image on the form
>Is there a way to scan/OCR within a Pdox form?

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