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Subject:Re: TableFrame or ListBox
Date:6 Jul 2022 13:55:53 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

if using list
you did not need to add the table to the datamodel at all, I avoid this

read the data directly into the list box from a tcursor query result and
pad on the fly into the list object.

make the list box a courier font

modridirkac <> wrote:
>> I need to know if it's possible to either have a tableframe to display
>> fields only (the user can select a row, but not change anything)
>On a form:
>Menu  Format - Data model, right click on table and select Read only.
>> can create how to use a listbox with a fixed font and padding to  
>> simulate a multicolumn listbox.
>Yes, you can pad, but with spaces, not tabs.
>Just one trick, rename that default name #List6 to "list".
>And then use
>	myList.list.list.selection = 1
>	myList.list.list.value = "a  a"
>	myList.list.list.selection = 2
>	myList.list.list.value = "b  b"

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