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Subject:Re: lockRecord() - doesn't
Date:21 Jul 2022 14:55:21 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

Close all Paradox sessions.

delete ALL pdx*.lck files on server and on ALL workstations (check entire

delete the net file


Peter <> wrote:
>So I've been playing with this for the better part of the day and I 
>can't figure it out.
>I place a lockrecord on a record in a table but when I display locks 
>(interactive) it does not show up.
>tcu.lockRecord()    ;//lock 1st record, the only record in the tbl
>If I try programmatically:
>    1) enumlocks(), doesn't show up
>    2) tcu.lockStatus("Any"), doesn't show up
>When I display locks (interactive) on Machine_2 it also does not display

>the record lock from Machine_1 - just the open lock.
>If I do it programmatically (enumLock), same thing, the record lock that

>is set by Machine_1 does not show.
>I don't want to use a table/session lock, just a single record. Any 
>secrets on getting all Machines to recognize a lockRecord()?

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