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Subject:Re: Query using Alpha field with Numbers
Date:2 Sep 2022 16:59:15 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

That works unless you start to use sub sub versions 21.1.1,etc

Also having these as alpha will not sort them (maybe) the way you want (if
you care). You would be sorting numbers alphabetically.



You could use a tcursor and parse these into a temp table or array and cast
as numbers

break on    .  and get two parts (or more if sub sub version) 

leading zeroes can also come into play

Leslie <"ViaThe List"> wrote:
>Use Local SQL and the Cast operator
>On 1/09/2022 6:27 PM, Kevin wrote:
>> I have a db with a "Version" field.  This field is a Alpha field.  Is
it possible
>> to build a query with criteria for version > 20
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